Becoming a Member

Leixlip Musical and Variety Group (LMVG) is a community-based, volunteer-led musical group producing professional, award-winning pantomimes and musicals in Leixlip, for the entire Kildare community, and beyond!

We are an open society and welcome interest from anyone with a passion for the stage, both on and off! We produce two shows every year:

  • Our pantomime, which typically runs for 8 performances every January/February.
  • Our musical, which typically runs for 5 performances every April.

Becoming a ‘member’ – on stage

  • Auditions for our annual pantomime and musical are open for anyone to attend. Auditions typically take place in October through to December each year, and all details will be shared on our website, and on our social media channels.
  • Age requirements for auditions will depend on the nature of the shows each year, and will be clarified when auditions are opened.
  • Those successful at auditions are then required to become official ‘members’ of LMVG for the year, and commit to the rehearsal schedules and performances as required.
  • Rehearsals and performances all take place in Leixlip.
  • All ‘members’ are also required to pay a small membership fee for the year, covering them for performing in either the pantomime, musical, or both.
  • Fully paid ‘members’ are covered under our insurance scheme for all rehearsals/performances and have voting rights at LMVGs Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Other opportunities to volunteer

LMVG also welcomes and appreciates other volunteers who would like to lend-a-hand or get involved.

Around the time of our shows (every January/February, and April) and during the actual performances, we can always do with some extra help.

  • This could be ‘front-of-house‘ which involves for example, meeting and greeting audiences, helping with seating, selling programmes or raffle tickets, and setting up/clearing out the hall.
  • It could also be ‘behind-the-scenes‘ which involves for example, helping the backstage, costume or make up crews.

Send us your details

Whatever your level of interest, you are very welcome to get in touch.

For example, the LMVG Annual General Meeting takes place every July. Anyone can attend, and the meeting is an opportunity to meet the Committee, other members, ask questions and hear about the group. However, only current/paid members have voting rights at the meeting. Details of the LMVG AGM are posted on our website and on our social channels in advance.

Or, you are very welcome to send us your contact details and interest below. We will contact you when the right time or opportunity comes along.

In the meantime, always check in on our website and on our social channels, for more regular news and updates. Thank you!