AGM 2021

Thank you to all our members who came along, had their say and voted in our 2021 Annual General Meeting, on 8th September. It was wonderful to see so many good friends after quite some time!

Many (tentative!) plans for the upcoming season were discussed, and the outgoing Committee took the opportunity to unveil a new plaque in our prefab, remembering our late, great, friend, Mr Con Deasy.

The Committee stepped down and the new Committee for 2021 was duely elected:

  • Ross Murray (Chairperson)
  • Judy Miller (Vice Chairperson)
  • Avril Doyle (Secretary)
  • Anne Fitzpatrick (Treasurer)
  • Lynn Brennan (PRO)
  • Ciarán Austin
  • Elaine Brunton

Say tuned as the new Committe get settled in and begin plans for what will hopefully be, a busy season ahead!


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